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A Touch of Class

Written by Jim Hinckley

May 18, 2023

Photography is a powerful way to capture and preserve memories as well as emotions, and to tell stories. It is also an ideal way to capture the awe inspiring natural beauty of the Kingman area, and to chronicle the city’s historic district renaissance.

But how can you make your photos stand out and look their best? How do you use photographs to add a touch of class to an office, den or living room? How do you transform your colorful photographs of Chillin’ on Beale framed by a stunning sunset or of wildflowers along Route 66 in the Black Mountains into family heirlooms?

You use the professional matting and framing services of Avant Print & Frame in Kingman, Arizona. This ensures enhancement of the appearance and quality of your photos. And it also transforms your photos into fine art.

What is Matting?

Simply put, matting is the process of adding a border around your photo. Usually made of paper or cardboard, matting can create contrast, depth, and focus for your photo. It also serves as a barrier that protects the image from dust and moisture.

Framing is simply the process of enclosing your photo and matting in a rigid structure, usually made of wood or metal. Framing provides stability, durability, and style for your photo, as well as protect it from damage and fading.

A professional matting and framing service such as Avant in historic downtown Kingman can provide you with a variety of options and benefits for your photos. Our trained staff, artists themselves, can help you choose the right frame size, shape and color. And they can also ensure that the matting style and color draws the eye to the photograph.

And as might be expected, our professional matting and framing service also ensures that your photo is properly mounted, aligned, and secured. It will also be sealed in the mat and frame, using high-quality materials and professional techniques.

By using professional matting and framing services, you can transform your photography into something truly special. It becomes stunning artwork that enhances the beauty and even the value of your photos.

And then you can display your photos with pride and confidence in your home, office, or gallery. You can also give your photos as meaningful gifts to your family and friends. Professional matting and framing services can help you turn your photos into lasting treasures that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America

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