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Framing for Fine Art and Photography

Large Format Fine Art Printing


Fine artists and photographers want the best quality reproduction of their artwork, and usually at a low quantity. We offer high quality pigment-based inkjet printing on archival quality papers and substrates.

What is giclée, and why do I need it?
Giclée refers to technology for fine art or photographic reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies. We offer high quality inkjet printing on our Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 with 12 pigment-based inks, producing a much wider color range than four color printing. If you’re seeking to reproduce fine art, giclée is the art world’s standard method of reproduction that also holds and grows in value over time.

What size options are available?
Our Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 is capable of printing on individual sheets or on a roll of paper up to 44 inches wide.

We are able to print your custom-sized giclé if your desired print is less than 44 inches (111 cm) on one side.

Why pigment-based ink instead of dye-based ink or color toner?
Pigment-based ink has a much longer lifespan than dye-based inks. If you’re seeking to print fine art that holds its value over time, it’s important to use the highest quality materials available that keep vibrancy of color. UV light damages pigments and dyes, however pigments are much more resistant to entropy than dyes.
You may notice how old posters look faded. That is because of a long exposure to UV light and air. To preserve fine art prints, artists use the highest quality materials, and take measures to protect their art from decomposition.

Now that I have my giclée print, how do I protect it?
If you want your art or photograph to be passed on to the next generation, artists and photographers use glass that filters out the UV rays, allowing your to view your beautiful art while protecting it from damage due to exposure. Framing, matting and glazing (covering with glass) performed by a master framer is an effective way to protect and present your beautiful artwork.

How much does a giclée print cost?

There are dozens of papers and substrates available to print on, which is the main factor in determining the price of the print.

Here are some of the papers available to print your giclée upon:

  • William Turner 310 GSM
  • Museum Etching 350 GSM
  • German Etching 310 GSM
  • Torchon 285 GSM
  • Albrecht Dürer 210 GSM
  • Photo Rag 308 GSM

We also offer to print on your compatible paper for a truly custom giclée, and a lower printing price.

Let us know the quantity, size and paper or canvas selection so that we may provide you an accurate quote.



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