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Framing for Fine Art and Photography

Sara Peterson

Artist and Founder of Avant Print & Frame,
and Wildflower Studios and Gallery

As a multi-generational artist, Sara was immersed in the culture of fine art since her birth in West Jordan, Utah. Sara is a dedicated and tireless mother to seven children, six boys and one girl. While studying for her MFA at the Academy of Art University Sara gave birth to four children.

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Sara’s approach to art is best described in her own words:

STOP … and Smell the Flowers

Living life to the fullest is really about enjoying each moment and it is the simple things that make life wonderful.

We live in such a fast-paced, technological world and our days are so filled with endless busy-ness, that it is hard to really stop what we are doing and have meaningful experiences.

One thing that I have loved, is being able to take time out of my hectic life to create art. I have also found a great personal connection to the idea of stopping. We have to stop to see or smell a flower, to look at the clouds, to pray, and think about a higher power, to be in tune with the desires of our hearts and the inspiration we are receiving.

My paintings represent beautiful, colorful moments. Through them I have been able to share my happiness and zest for life.

I realized that the way I painted was almost exactly the way I live life – especially my parenting style: Jump right in without much of a plan but great expectations, make it as colorful and as interesting as possible, make a few mistakes along the way, and end up with something that’s a little messy and rough, but full of color and character.

Sara’s art is held by private collectors around the nation. Sara has grown roots in Kingman, Arizona, initiating several culturally progressive projects for the benefit of local families, including Kingman Center for the Arts and Beale Street Theater.

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John Erickson

Master Framer John has always had a passion for the creative. As a child he demonstrated skill and enthusiasm in many artistic fields and spent his free time at his local art and frame store. As soon as John was old enough to be hired, he began working at his local art and frame store, and continued to learn with zeal all he could during his early career as a custom framer.

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John has honed his talents over 20 years of framing in all methods of preservation and museum quality techniques. He is an expert archivist and designer with a passion to provide you and your family the highest quality presentation and preservation for your photos and art.

John’s approach to his craft is formed from his artistic reverence.

“I believe framing is an artform in itself but only exists to accentuate and compliment the art, not to compete with it. With the right framing anything you love can be a masterpiece and a beloved family heirloom!”

John expresses his gratitude for God and the Kingman community through his dedicated service and delicate approach to your valuable gifts and heirlooms.

Jay Butler

Business Strategist

Jay has over 20 years experience in marketing with a degree in business management. Jay also started his love for art at a young age, taking his first art class at the age of 8. Since then Jay attended a private art school in high school, and continues making art to this day.

Jay has lived in Idaho, Utah, California, Texas and now Arizona. He began his professional career working for a national franchisor, providing marketing support to over 100 franchisees around the USA. Since then Jay grew his marketing expertise working at two marketing agencies in Texas.

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Jay has demonstrated the ability to wrangle order out of chaos, and set businesses up for success. He is passionate about creating valuable customer experiences that inspire business growth.

Jay is not just about business and art. He has a passion for permaculture, fencing and armored combat sports.



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