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Written by Jim Hinckley

July 20, 2023

If there was just one word that describes what profesional mating and framing can do for your photographs or art it would be transformation.

Understanding mating and Framing

So, what is mating and framing? Simply put, mating and framing are the processes of choosing and applying a mat board and a frame to a picture, usually a photograph or a print.

A mat board is a thin cardboard that surrounds the picture and creates a border between it and the frame. A frame is a wooden or metal structure that holds the picture and the mat board together and protects them from dust, moisture, and general damage. Professional mating and framing are done by experts like our team at Avant Print and Frame in Kingman, Arizona.

Professionals For A Professional Appearance

Retaining the services of professionals that have the skills, tools, and materials will result in high-quality results. We can help you choose the best mat board and frame for your picture, based on its size, shape, color, style, and theme.

With precise measurements and techniques we can also cut the mat board and the frame to fit your picture perfectly. And then we can mount your picture securely and neatly, using acid-free materials and adhesives that won’t harm your picture over time.

So, why should you care about professional mating and framing? Here are some of the benefits of professional mating and framing:

  • We can enhance your picture to make it more attractive and appealing. A well-chosen mat board and frame will complement your picture’s colors, contrast, and mood. They can also add depth, dimension, and texture to your picture, making it stand out more.
  • We can make your picture look more valuable and prestigious. A professionally mated and framed picture can show that you care about your picture’s quality and preservation. It can also show that you have good taste and style. A professionally mated and framed picture can impress your guests, clients, or customers. And it can be transformed into an heirloom.
  • They will make your picture last longer and stay in better condition. A professionally mated and framed picture can protect your picture from fading, yellowing, warping, tearing, or cracking. It can also prevent dust, moisture, insects, or mold from damaging your picture. A professionally mated and framed picture can preserve your picture’s beauty and integrity for years, and even decades, to come.

So, if you have a picture that you love and want to display proudly, consider getting it professionally mated and framed. You won’t regret it. Professional mating and framing can make a huge difference in how your picture looks and feels.

We do hope that you learned something new today. If you have any questions or comments about professional mating and framing, feel free to leave them below or contact us at Avant Print and Frame.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America

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