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Written by Jim Hinckley

April 14, 2023

Inspired by the scenic wonders along the trails in the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area near Kingman, Arizona, you tapped into the inner artist. You packed in an easel, a canvas and some paints. Or you traded the phone for an actual camera and captured stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Now you want to display them in your home or office. But you want something more attractive and professional than can be accomplished with an off the shelf frame and matting from Walmart.

Well, you are in luck. The professional and knowledgable staff at Avant Print and Frame in the historic heart of Kingman provides giclée fine art printing and museum quality custom archival framing.

When you use a professional framing and matting service there is an assurance that the appearance and quality of your pictures will be greatly enhanced. At Avant Print and Frame we are not just professionals, we are also artists.

Sara Peterson, a founder of Avant Print and Frame, is a multi-generational artist that was immersed in the at an early age. She studied for her MFA at the Academy of Art University in Utah.

What is Framing and Matting?

Framing and matting are two different but complementary processes that involve adding a border and a background to your pictures. Framing is the process of choosing a suitable frame that matches the style, color, and size of your picture. Matting is the process of choosing a suitable mat board that goes between the picture and the frame, creating a contrast and a buffer.

There arer a multitude of benefits to the professional framing and matting for your pictures. These include:

  • Framing and matting can protect your pictures from dust, moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can damage them over time.
  • The frame style and matting color can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pictures by highlighting their hues, shapes, and textures. This also provides a focal point and a sense of depth in your wall space.
  • Framing and matting personalizes your pictures with the selection of materials, styles, and colors.
  • Framing and matting will increase the value of your pictures by giving them a more professional and artistic appearance. They can also make great gifts for your friends and family, and treasured heirlooms.

Additional reasons to select a professional service with an intimate knowledge of the presentation of art include:

  • The size of your picture: a frame and a mat that fits the dimensions of your picture without cropping or stretching it is crucial.
  • The style of your picture: selection of a frame and a mat that match the style of your picture, whether it is modern, classic, rustic, or anything else. This includes colors, patterns, and textures of your picture and how they will interact with the frame and the mat.
  • The theme of your space: an artist will select a frame and a mat that complements the theme of your space, whether it is homey, elegant, cozy, or rustic. The colors, patterns, and textures of your wall and furniture and how they will contrast or harmonize with the frame and the mat is also a consideration.

If you want to learn more about framing and matting services or if you want to get a quote for your project, please contact us today. We are happy to help you with all your framing and matting needs.

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